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About Tiramisu Massage

Tiramisu Massage is a San Diego Massage Therapy spa located in North County community of Rancho Bernardo in Southern California. As a registered massage therapist, Robyn Delgado has been providing a variety of massage wellness solutions for her clients for over 30 years. 

Tiramisu Massage specializes in 

  • LaStone and Lomi Lomi
  • Adaptive Bodywork and Rossiter Workout
  • Structural Integration
  • Heated Stone and Aromatherapy
  • Aromatherapy with Young Living Oils

In addition, we provide stretching, rossiter, and reflexology as a service through Frank Delgado. 

In our daily lives, movement is to our well-being as oxygen is to our breath.  Fatigue is the common enemy of us all. Over-used, stressed muscles become sore and stuck, over time, to avoid pain we begin to move less. When movement decreases, a negative cycle of dysfunction and weariness kicks in.  Massage, Bodywork, & Reflexology are natural and powerful means for thwarting those negative cycles.

Tiramisu takes great satisfaction in helping their clients improve and find the mobility they once enjoyed. The therapists believe that massage and bodywork are key elements of recovering from injury, achieving vibrant mental & emotional health, and supporting spiritual well-being and longevity.

Robyn and Frank look forward to working with each of their clients to provide individualized attention for optimum results.  They both love their work and believes that massage and reflexology is good for every body.

Our signature massage is The Tiramisu – Dessert for the Body, Mind and Soul. The Tiramisu Massage incorporates each of Robyn’s specialties and is defined by warm, luxurious layers of deep-tissue strokes and heated stones.  A must have experience for all.

Relax, refresh, renew … tiramisu!

Robyn Delgado

Robyn Delgado began her training in massage over 30 years ago under the cutting edge guidance of one of the best Physical Therapists in San Diego County—her mother, Irene Oliver, RPT.  Fully licensed, Robyn is a lifetime learner and has well over 1000 hours of advanced holistic studies. 

Robyn’s expertise spans different massage expertises, ranging from deep tissue and Swedish style massages. The therapeutic nature of these more intense style of massage allows her to help men and women experiencing deep muscle pain and soreness, along with lingering injuries, pain, and discomfort. 

Beginning her career in the 1970’s in a more common masseuse role, Robyn has expanded her massage therapy into a comprehensive head, neck, back, and foot approach, combining full body massages with foot and bodywork. Her background includes certifications from the International Professional School of Bodywork and Mueller College of Holistic Massage Therapies. 

When Robyn is not focusing on massage she enjoys swimming with her husband Frank, watching sunsets at the beach, and shopping for her granddaughter.

Robyn Delgado

Frank Delgado

Frank Delgado began his career in body work after 25 years of bus driving. After years of driving Frank knows better than anyone that movement is critical to our health and well being. In his years of sitting for long stretches of time he recognized the need for deep muscle re-alignment through Rossiter and pressure point releases through reflexology. 

Frank became a Master Reflexologist in 2017 completing over 500 sessions in the process. He truly believes that your feet are the gateway to health. He has a unique understanding of how the many muscles, ligaments and bones in the foot support the body’s weight, and connect to each organ. His work has brought relief to some of the toughest, and most sensitive feet imaginable. 

Frank found Rossiter through his wife, Robyn, and immediately recognized its ability to create lasting change in pain ridden bodies. He traveled to Colorado to become a certified Rossiter practitioner in 2016. Frank’s Rossiter practice is grounded in a firm understanding of anatomy and keen ability to listen to clients and find the problem. 

Frank joined Robyn at Tiramisu massage in 2017 providing Rossiter and reflexology. 

Frank is an avid tennis player and enjoys walking with Robyn. He is currently training for a trail run in Northern California, and is always up for watching sports with family.

Frank Delgado