Research shows repeatedly that there is no substitute for human touch and massage is one of the best ways to receive it.

Gift Vouchers

The Golfer’s Choice $75 Gift Voucher

For before and after the tournament. Reward the person in your life who needs healthy vibrant feet, open and flexible hips or relaxed and aligned shoulders. This session is 75 minutes of bodywork that revives and renews.

Massage has the ability to relax stressed muscles and restore your sense of well-being. When you want yo reward your friends and family, when you want to give peace of mind, when you want them to get a break and be able to escape for  an hour, gift a decadent massage session.

$140 Gift Voucher

The exact amount for our most thoroughly decadent and renowned Signature Heated Stone 90 min Tiramisu Massage.

$96 Gift Voucher

Buys  our one hour Wellness Massage, fully customizable and wildly popular.

$54 Gift Voucher

When your friend or loved one deserves the best 30 minutes of massage. The session focuses not the recipients choice of: feet, calves, or head, neck & shoulders. Just what they need to find relief.

$65 gift voucher for a 45 min Rossiter Stretching Session

Reward the person who ran a marathon or had a grueling 80 work week. Give them the gift of health and well-being with this restorative session.