How Reflexology and Rossiter Changed my Life

I am on my feet for 8-12 hours a day. At least 4 nights a week my husband, Frank,  would massage my feet  while he watched the tennis network. That was wonderful, and my feet were happy feet.  Then in 2016 Frank went to Colorado and got certified in The Rossiter System. Now he was competent to work on me with Rossiter, and I was even happier! In 2017 Frank completed his courses for Master Reflexologist and as his most frequent client my feet and whole body were integrated and happy.

In January 2018 I enrolled in ALA, Ascension Leadership Academy.  This leadership course required me to sit longer than I had for years, also to stand and dance on a hotel conference room concrete foundation floor with very thin carpeting for 3-4 hours at a time.  By the end of those 12 hour days my feet, my knees and my calves, were killing me.  I have told people for years how concrete is hard to work on, but this was my first time really being on it for hours at  a time.  Way worse than I thought! Yikes!  Luckily Frank came to my rescue! Frank did the Golfer’s Choice protocol for me. Fifteen minutes of Rossiter on my quads and calves, and Frank’s signature “feet to feet”, then about an hour of reflexology.  Wow! I was like new!  My calves quit cramping, the swelling through my feet and ankles dissipated, and my feet were not aching.  So much relief.  The bonus for reflexology is the relaxation that envelopes your whole being, increased circulation and endorphins cascade gently throughout your whole body bringing ease and renewal. 

There are over 15,000 nerves in our feet which is why reflexology and Rossiter Foot Works are so effective. Reflexology is very different from a foot rub or massage.  Reflexology activates points  through distinctive alternating pressures to send a message along the nerves to the brain which signals an circulation increase to a specific organ or area of the body. It is a practice that has ancient beginnings, time tested, and proven by modern science. 
Think about how this gentle, non invasive, non addictive, no worrisome side effects session could enhance your week.  What is possible when we are able to sleep well, have energy, and move with ease?