“Heavenly and healing are the best words to describe Tiramisu Massages” – Catherine

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90 minutes  |  $140
Nutritious Dessert for the Body, Mind and Soul

Package of Five Tiramisu Massages | $625
Save $75!

The ultimate massage experience. Therapeutic, deep-sure touch that calms the senses and relaxes your body.  Slow-flowing muscle work with attention to detail,  long sweeping full body strokes, hot stones to melt away tension, and warm towels for luxurious indulgence.

This head-to-toe massage engages all the senses, offering total calm which greatly enhances our self-healing abilities.

Choose “The Tiramisu” for deep relief and relaxation.


60 minutes  |  $96
Soothing Rejuvenation

Package of Five Wellness Massages | $450
​Save $30!

This traditional hour long  massage is a blend of Swedish and Lomi Lomi technique. Using  rhythmic, flowing strokes it eases tension and helps the body release unwanted toxins and stress. 

This uplifting and refreshing  full body massage is excellent for ongoing recovery and wellness.

Choose “Wellness” for a rejuvenating experience that restores your body’s natural balance.


30 minutes  |  $54
Focus Session

The Focus Massage concentrates on one or two areas of the body that always seem to be sore or tense. Choose or add on  a Focus Session when  you need specific attention.

How important is for you to feel cared for and appreciated by your Massage Therapist?

Objective evidence in the form of controlled studies on the effects and outcomes of massage therapy is virtually non-existent. John Yates, PhD, a physiologist and author of the Physician’s Guide to Therapeutic Massage,[9] admits that past attempts to explain the results of a massage technique were “frequently based on pure—and inaccurate—conjecture.” The very nature of the treatment precludes the possibility of any form of blinded study. At the same time he points to the inevitability of a significant placebo response when he states with refreshing candor: “…any attempt to separate muscle relaxation from the psychological effects of massage…is probably meaningless…” and “…pleasant sensations elicited by massage together with the psychological response to being touched in a caring way must be expected to directly impact on the emotional status of the patient.”

Information from BC Medical Journal, C.J. Sedergreen, MBBS

“‘Heavenly’ and ‘healing’ are the two most frequently used words when describing Robyn’s massages! She is a huge blessing! And the ‘silver lining in the cloud’ of a recent car accident I was in. She is helping my body and spirit heal much faster! Thank you, Robyn! Infinite love and gratitude to you!”


Why choose Tiramisu?

  • Tranquil & relaxing atmostphere
  • Super clean environment
  • Luxury clean linens are changed for every client
  • Signature hot stone massage includes essential oils, organic coconut oil and steamed towels.
  • Organic coconut oil is used in all our massages
  • Well-trained and certified experts
  • Professional, courteous and friendly 
  • Convenience of easy online booking
  • Instant gift certificates available
  • Yelp loves us!
  • For pain relief, injury rehabilitation, relief of stress & muscle tension, or simply for relaxation – we aim to elevate your body and spirit to a new level of well-being