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Massage Pricing

Tiramisu Massages (90 min) | $140

Wellness Massages (60 min) | $96 

Focus Massage (30 min) | $54 

Stretching Pricing

Rossiter sessions (45 min each) | $65

Rossiter Sessions (30 min) | $45

Golfer’s Choice (Rossiter and Reflexology – 75 min) | $75

Reflexology (55 min)| $40

Stretching with Frank (30 min) | $45

Package Pricing

Packages are currently unavailable

Full Body Deep Tissue Massage

A full body Deep Tissue massage using massage techniques that really get beyond the superficial muscles into the deeper tissues allowing for better circulation, easier movement of the muscles, and deep relaxation for the entire body.  It is invigorating and relaxing at the same time. Full body massage is for stress relief and relaxation. 

Therapeutic Deep Tissue muscle massage

This session is customized for your specific needs. Slow movements and increased pressure help untangle knots and realign tense, tight muscles.  It is different from a Full Body massage because the goal is specific body ache relief not overall stress relief and relaxation. It is used to bring deep relief, to prepare for, or recover from an event like trail running or marathoning. Restorative and a very detailed massage intended to relieve pain or address a specific problem area.

Foot and body massage

This session would be massage for the feet and the body addressing specific reflex points that provide better circulation.

Foot and calf massage

Addresses the many aches and discomforts that arise from normal living to extreme overuse, and underuse.  Because the feet and calves are the furthest from the heart they require extra attention and care. This session’s biggest benefit is the increase in circulation and reduction of inflammation.  For people who drive for a living, this session can prevent DVT. For people who sit for long periods of time, it can restore and support healthy circulation. For runners, walkers, and bikers, relaxing and releasing the calf muscles is vital. This session increases flexibility for the foot and the hamstrings. Relieve Plantar Fasciitis with this session and also leg cramps.

Head Massage

A rejuvenating massage to relieve pressure and improve circulation to the face, melt away the tensions of the day, and provide a gentle form of pain relief. You will notice improved muscle tone and healthier skin. Head massage releases tightness in the scalp and face, including the jaw and neck.  Stress and tension often start in the head and jaw and overflows to the neck and shoulders. Using finger pressure throughout the scalp and over strategic points on the face a tremendous amount of good can be done.  For people who suffer from TMJ dysfunction head massage can be a lifesaver.

Neck Massage

Neck massage is used to relieve pressure and improve circulation.  It includes your upper shoulders, chest, and head, using gentle strokes that soothe nerve pathways.  Neck muscles hold a lot of tension and by using lengthening and gentle stripping strokes we can release that tension. In this session skin-rolling and kneading for the upper shoulders is super relaxing and thorough.  Manual traction is used for encouraging the neck to relax and lengthen. Neck massage restores range of motion, giving the ability to look over your shoulder pain-free and to sleep better.

Sports Massage

Addresses the needs of specific sports.  For tennis players’ attention to knees and shoulders, for golfers’ attention to open hips and shoulders.  Etc. the massage focuses on detailed tension release to restore balance and increase mobility. Addresses the needs of specific sports; tennis players’ attention to knees and shoulders, golfers’ attention to open hips and shoulders, etc.

Swedish Deep Tissue Massage  

Swedish is the style that brought massage to the forefront.  it is smooth circular, soothing massage. It is not deep. 


An ancient healing technique that is based on the principle that our feet are maps of the body. Your feet undergo a very relaxing experience as the reflex zones are manipulated and rubbed. You will take off both your socks and shoes, and sit in a comfortable chair.  We will ask about your ailments, and use the reflex zones in your feet to help alleviate them through kneading and massaging your feet from the heels to toes to release any tension. Reflexology induces deep relaxation and restores the flow of energy in your body. 

“Barbara:  After a session with Frank, I slept through the night for the first time in 3 weeks. Frank’s healing and gentle ways are remarkable.”


Choose from our special selection of the highest quality essential oils, expertly applied to maximize their many healing qualities. Before your session ask for a description of the scents and their unique abilities to enhance your massage. Add aromatherapy to your massage for $10.