Pain is the body’s best protection. Natural Pain Relief addresses underlying issues.

Stretching and Rossiter


45 Minutes |  $65

30 minutes | $45

  • Effective and Fast
  • Powerful Release ​for Stressed Muscles

The Rossiter System of pain relief are derived from Rolfing and Structural Integration. They work by restoring resilience and reflexivity to our muscles, tendons and ligaments. This technique relieves painful movement, and  increases range of motion, flexibility and circulation.  

Rossiter is a 2 person ACTIVE-stretching session that warms, and opens the fascia, restoring ease of movement and alignment to your body.
​Sessions are conducted on a mat, fully clothed. 

The Rossiter System have produced remarkable results in almost everyone.


55 minutes  |  $40.00

Ancient Technique to Unlock Relaxation and Restore Energy

Reward your feet and experience rejuvenating effects throughout your whole body. Reflexology is much more than a foot rub. 

Your feet are one of the central repositories of stress in your body. Reflexology applies pressure to targeted areas of the foot to activate healing. By increasing circulation and releasing endorphins every organ in your body will be stimulated and experience improved health. Many report improved sleep.

The ancient practice of reflexology is healing for the mind, body and soul. Experience the rejuvenating effects of focusing on your feet.

Golfer’s Choice

75-minute Combo Session  | $75


Free your Hips and Lower Back and  Release Stress.

We named this the “Golfer’s Choice” because it was first experienced and endorsed by our favorite golf pro, Jeannette Gilliand. This session begins with the Rossiter Workout, then it’s time to lay back and relax with a well-earned dessert of Reflexology.

​Frank is certified in The Rossiter System and is also a Master Reflexologist. Both practices work beautifully together to restore our body’s natural ability to be strong and reflexive.

“Frank’s knowledge of the body is remarkable. He was able to reduce swelling in my ankles and calves significantly, and I am sleeping deeper than I ever have before.”